RLH is a consulting firm that provides services in a timely, high-quality, personalized manner for each of our valued clients.

Beyond our technical capabilities, we seek to serve our clients by providing timely, quality and personalized attention to the many facets of our engineering and consulting work. We believe our clients deserve sensitivity and responsiveness, particularly when projects are highly visible, environmentally sensitive and complex. We are committed to fulfilling these objectives for each unique engagement.

The technical abilities of RLH Engineering are based on broad exposure to the engineering and construction industries. We have an engineering and problem solving mentality which expresses itself in thorough analysis, attention to detail, proper coordination of complex relationships and detailed documentation. We understand project management and regulatory requirements.

Company Background

RLH Engineering, Inc. was founded and incorporated in February 1990. The firm provides professional services to various clients that include school, recreation and fire districts, hospitals, architects, surveyors and corporate and private owners.

RLH Engineering has well-established relationships with clients and other professionals. The firm specializes in project/program management for new construction and renovations and environmental consulting for asbestos, lead, radon and mold, including building survey, abatement design and management plans.

The firm was established by Richard L. Huwa, a professional engineer in Colorado since 1981. The ownership of the firm was expanded to include Jeffrey Chamberlin in 1999, Travis Guerette in 2006, Fred Voseipka in 2007, Jeffrey Kirtley in 2014, Chuck Jordan in 2018 and Zachary Minniear in 2020. These project managers have successfully handled the firm’s largest projects and clients for several years. Expanded ownership has broadened the firm’s responsiveness to clients by providing key leadership on every project.

The firm’s project managers and technicians are well versed in regulatory requirements and project administration techniques. The staff consists of individuals with professional and technical backgrounds in construction and environmental fields. We also have established subcontract relationships with several laboratories and other professionals to round out our consulting capabilities for planning, environmental and management work.