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Solutions for Colorado’s Construction Industry

RLH Engineering is a consulting firm which emphasizes personal service. Beyond our technical capabilities, we seek to serve our clients by providing timely, quality and personalized attention to the many facets of our consulting work. We believe our clients deserve sensitivity and responsiveness, particularly when projects are highly visible, environmentally sensitive and complex. We are committed to fulfilling these objectives for each unique engagement.

The technical abilities of RLH Engineering are based on broad exposure to the engineering and construction industries. We have an engineering and problem solving mentality which expresses itself in thorough analysis, attention to detail, proper coordination of complex relationships and detailed documentation. We understand project management and regulatory requirements.

Our services are state-of-the-art, sensible and responsive to the needs of our clients. For further information contact Jeffrey M. Chamberlin at (970) 686-5695.

Colorado Owner's Representative Services

Owner’s Representative

We assist clients with the development of goals and delivery methods, selection of team members, project oversight for design, schedule, budget and more.

Colorado Master Planning and Facility Management Services

Master Planning

We help clients with a thorough assessment of all current facilities including condition, energy performance, historical significance and utilization.

Colorado Environmental Consulting Services

Environmental Consulting

Our scope of environmental consulting services include Asbestos/Lead Paint Survey, Asbestos Abatement and Design, and Asbestos Air Monitoring.

“In my over 30 years of involvement in health care and four construction projects, this project by far was the most efficient and had the best working relationship between all parties involved. This was evidenced by our final construction meeting when everyone expressed their appreciation to each other and we left the meeting knowing the job was done well!”
Rob Austin, Chief Executive Officer, retired, Estes Park Medical Center
“We had fourteen companies submit Request for Qualification packets to us. We narrowed the field down to four companies for the interview phase. We called numerous references on each company and chose RLH Engineering to be our Owner’s Representative; we were able to hire the ‘best of the best’.”
Steve Wilson, Superintendent of Schools, Big Sandy School District 100J
“Richard Huwa’s name first came up in the many conversations I had with the Akron Superintendent and subsequently in the many conversations I had with other superintendents around the state who had or currently were working with Richard Huwa on their own projects. I have to say I was thrilled when they showed interest in our District’s project.”
Michael Warren, Superintendent of Schools, Otis Public Schools
“After an extensive selection process we made the decision to engage with RLH because they had great references and we felt they were the one competing entity that dedicated all of their efforts to building schools.”
George Welsh, Superintendent of Schools, Center Consolidated School District
“From top to bottom the RLH team has been dedicated to meeting our needs and going the extra mile when it comes to service. If you hire RLH to guide your building project you will get to work with an organization that is driven to achieve excellence, is customer focused, experienced, works well in a team setting, and is dedicated to improving every aspect of your educational facility.”
George Welsh, Superintendent of Schools, Center Consolidated School District
“As a result of my experience with RLH Engineering spanning more than 20 years, I strongly encourage you to give their proposal the careful consideration it deserves. I have a difficult time imagining that you can find a more experienced and trustworthy firm to manage your upcoming project.”
Walter C. Cooper, Ed.D., Superintendent, Cheyenne Mountain School District 12

“Travis Guerette was our senior project manager, and he did an outstanding job of ensuring that we received the highest quality construction and perfect accounting from start to finish. I cannot imagine now how we would have managed the project without him.”

Linda Chapman, Superintendent of Schools, Estes Valley Schools
”Above all else, I value the relationship that RLH has established with our school and community. Our school board, staff, town council, county commissioners, local newspaper, and every other stakeholder involved in our project looks upon them as a key source of expertise and information.”
Bryce Monasmith, Superintendent of Schools, Akron School District R-1